With Age Comes Wisdom

Wisdom truly is a gift.....one I so desperately envy, yet one I don't always fight to gain. However, what truly defines a wise man? Is it how much he knows or how he upholds himself in the situations life throws at him? Over the years I've found that my first reaction to things is not always "above reproach." But today was different. Today I shocked myself! I have been reminded lately of something a dear friend told me, "Everyone in life will always let you down. Only God is always there, always consistent, and will never fail us." As I reflected on this statement and those that have hurt me in some way, I found my reaction to be understanding, almost compassionate. Instead of my usual response of talking aloud trying to make situations make sense, I began to pray. "Lord, this person may have let me down, but they are still your child. You still love them as much as you love me. It does not make them a bad person just because my feelings may have been hurt. So I will not talk negatively about one of your children, but pray for them." Talk about a wow moment! I was even taken back a little! I began to laugh, look to the sky, and say, "Wow Lord, I guess I am growing up!" Isn't it sad that it takes us so long to become wise? Unfortunately, I have a long way to go! I am very thankful that the Lord does not give up on me!


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