Learning to Dance

The Lord speaks to me in many ways, but today he spoke to me through dancing! My husband and I have talked for years about taking a dance class together. I love to dance.....any music, any time, anywhere. What I have discovered over the years is just that...."I" love to dance. It works when I dance...flows. When my husband and I get together, however, it doesn't look quite so eloquent. What is funny though, is that I have never placed the blame on myself. Dancing is an art. It takes patience, practice, dedication. It is letting go of control and learning to work with your partner. Isn't that just what a marriage is all about? I was very humbled tonight at this thought. How often do I allow my husband to lead me? How often do I follow his steps, surrender to his direction, trust in his support? This is an area that is very difficult for me. I've realized though that it isn't until we learn to "selflessly" dance together that we finally learn how to move with grace. A beginner learns, a moderate practices, and an advanced perfects. While I may only be a beginner, I cherish the wisdom God is giving me in these moments. I love that He speaks to me in a way I can relate to and understand. I am so thankful that no matter how many times I have awkwardly stepped on His toes, He still wants to dance with me.


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