The Keys

I sat on the bench, opened the top, placed my fingers on the keys, and closed my eyes. Without a single thought they began to move swiftly over the keys and play the beautiful Cannon in D.

"I can't believe I still remember how to play this and still play it so well after all these years."

And that is when it always happens. As soon as I allow myself to "think" about what I am doing, what keys I need to play next, I find myself stuck. I try to repeat the stanza I had just played, and sometimes I can't even remember that. It's the "thinking" that gets me.....every time. It is not satisfaction, but rather shock when I actually make it through the entire song....flawlessly.

I love the little ways God shows up in my daily life....and ALWAYS gives me a lesson. One would think I might learn something one of these days. A simple moment at the piano brought on today's epiphany on life. Every time I put too much thought into the steps I am taking, I will most assuredly stumble. However, when I simply walk through them, letting go and experiencing rather than thinking, I sometimes even surprise myself!


  1. You have an amazing way with words! Thank you for sharing your heart and all the ways God continues to stir in your life. You are precious!

  2. great, great thought... love the idea of letting go. no thinking. trusting in the Lord.


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