Guilty! I love to be inspired! I enjoy finding that perfect song, line from a book, sign on the road, heartfelt conversation....that literally speaks to my heart. My newest inspiration, however, comes from a man. I don't know his name or where he lives or what makes him unique, but he is there...every morning...same place...same routine. Two years ago my route to school changed directions. That was the first time I noticed him. In all honesty, I was probably sipping on my coffee, listening to music, running lesson plans through my head, and trying not to hit the guy walking on the side of the road waving his arms in the air as an exercise technique. I can imagine that I didn't think twice about seeing this old man walking that day, or even the many days that followed. Somewhere along the way, however, he began to grab my attention. I started looking for him on my drive and found a smile come to my face each time he appeared. He was always there, rain or shine, hot or cold. I don't know a thing about this man, but his level of dedication astounded me. It reminds me daily that if he can get out there and walk, day after day, then there is no room for excuses in my life.

As with anything in life, when we get out of routine, things can easily be forgotten. My daily venture to school came to an end this year, though it was not without blessing! My full-time job took on a whole different children. One morning I was driving my two year old to preschool when I was completely stunned. There he was....same place, same routine, "different" time??!! I was so excited to not only see him that day, but be reminded of how much joy just his presence had brought to me for the past two years. The strange thing is that I still see him now, twice a week, on my morning drive. Why is it that years of consistency in his walks change the very year that my routine changes? How is it possible that we still meet on that road? Does the Lord so intricately place this man in my life as a reminder of his dedication to me....that he is always there, never failing, rain or shine, hot or cold? One day I hope to meet him, to tell him how proud I am of him, and what an encouragement he has been to me. (**I also hope that I don't give him a heart attack when some crazy car pulls up beside him.) He is the very definition of inspiration, and I was just lucky enough to have noticed!


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