Monday, February 8, 2010

Complete Humility...

I will probably find myself writing many blog entries about my weekend retreat. There were so many moments that truly touched my heart...and so many times I heard God's whisper. One of those moments came in the form of a girl named April. I sat with her Friday night and listened to her tell all about her path to becoming a Special Education teacher. She told me that it was difficult for her growing up with cerebral palsy and always being treated so different. April wants to be a teacher to help and love children going through experiences she herself faced as a child. Not only that, she works at a camp helping children with disabilities. I was truly touched by her story and her zest for life. She has done more for others in her years than I will probably ever do in my life. April ended up spending most of the weekend with us, and I am pretty she sure thinks I am about as crazy as it gets after our Saturday night of dancing, laughing, and being silly.....

......but as I stood in worship, praying through some battles within my own heart....I looked over and saw April. She had tears in her eyes, her hands lifted to the Lord, and she was singing for joy. And I thought to She has faced trials that I can't even begin to comprehend much less understand, and there she is praising our Lord.

When the weekend ended I went up to April, hugged her, and told her I really enjoyed meeting her. And do you know what she told me.......that I was beautiful, that I have the sweetest heart, and that I really made her laugh.

Oh boy....did she really have it backwards! Complete humility!

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