"T...i...m...e.... is on your side, yes it is." Why the creepy song from Fallen is going through my head as I begin this post, I do not know. I started thinking today about time and what an interesting concept it is. It is funny what a simple thing as "time" can change. I was driving on the other side of town today. It is amazes me how big our little city feels sometimes. The college is on the complete opposite end of town, and there really aren't many reasons for me to ever go over to that side. When those rare days come, however, I am flooded with sweet memories. I try to convince myself that I am not really that old.....that it was only a few precious years since I graduated...that it wasn't in fact 11 years ago that I began that journey, gained independence, pledged a sorority, and made my lifelong friends. What was I writing....oh yes.....time! So as I was driving an old, familiar home caught my eye. It was nicely painted and appeared now to be some sort of christian fraternity. A few years back though, this was once a place I hung out in often, sitting on the porch with friends, and even busted out some air guitar while jamming to Lifehouse (still lovin' that cd BTW!!). As I continued driving down what used to be simple two lane road filled with many small, rundown houses (which is now a landscaped, 4 lane road, with renovated houses), I began to giggle to myself. On any given day driving down that same street 7 years ago, you may have seen Albert and Ramer sitting on top of their roof, just hanging out, enjoying the day!

I smile when I think of these memories, but what it really made me ponder is how quickly life can change. I can imagine that the faces that now call these houses home cannot begin to know what memories are held within those walls. In only a few short years, so much about them have changed. In a few short years, so much about ME has changed. It's kind of exciting and yet kind of scary, to look in the mirror and know....that in a few MORE short years, so much more of me will have changed. Time is ever moving, but just like these homes, each line, dent, faded piece of me will be a refection of a life well lived with many dear memories stored inside!!!!


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