A Season of Songs

Wow. Has it really been almost two months since I have written? Sadly, I can almost fill in a lot of different endings to that sentence, "Has it really been almost two months since......" It's definitely been a season, of ups, downs, way downs =), and everything in between. Somewhere amongst this "season" I just can't seem to find my words. I know this is going to come as a shock to all of my three readers out there, lol, but I just can't seem to piece my thoughts together long enough before they seem to jump to another.

But then I realized the other day, that that is not entirely true. It isn't that I've (temporarily) lost my passion or desire to write, I've just been channeling my thoughts in a different direction. Music.

I love music. To the very deep down depths of me.....I love a good song. As cheesy as it sounds, it does move me. I can't tell you how many times I have heard a song amongst friends or family and asked, "Did you listen to those words?" Usually followed by...."Uh, no." (lol) It's just who I am. Some hear melody, I hear lyrics. I can find meaning in one line of a song as if I had written it myself. I love music!!! Throughout these months, it has been songs that replaced my own words. So, while I struggle to find "me", I'm going to share the songs that touch my soul or speak to my heart......ones I draw strength from, ones that paint a message, ones that give hope, ones that give that good, every once in a while cry =), and ones that bring joy!

So in honor of the GORGEOUS weather outside.....and pretty much where I've been today....one of my favs, Patty Griffin.

This song was one my roommate and I fell in love with back in college, one I still love to this day. And let's face it, Patty's got style!


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