A Case of the "I Knows"

Most of us grow up and can't wait to get married and have children. We have the wonderful opportunity to pass our knowledge and experiences on to a future generation. It is a gift to be able to share the things we did right and most definitely the "what not to do's." We learn from our children....how to give grace, love selflessly, find self-control, juggle 50 different things at one time. Most importantly we get to thrive daily on endless hugs, kisses, snuggles, and I love you's. But what if there is more? I can almost feel a tiny smirk on the Lord's face looking down on me as I make this profound statement. ("Is she FINALLY getting it??) What if God also gives us these little blessings to visibly reflect the things in our own lives that are keeping us from becoming the best possible version of ourselves?

For as long as I can remember, my three year old, Baker, has wiped away my kisses! Yes, that is right....WIPED off my kisses. Before, I believe, he was even old enough to comprehend this action, that sweet, little hand would raise up and rub away my sentiments of love! At first we found humor in this as it left us all baffled. Now, however, it has become a joke in our family. Each night I hold him down, kiss all over his face, tell him that "he can't wipe away all those kisses," and watch as he still attempts to try.

A few weeks ago a friend came over for coffee. We talked about life, God, struggles, joys. Before putting him down to bed, for laughs, I kissed my sweet toddler just to show how he wipes away my kisses! It wasn't long after, as I'm sure I talked her ear off most of the night, that she stopped me and told me something that has continued to stick in my mind.
I just realized something. Do you know that you say 'I know' a lot?
Just like Baker wiping your kisses away.
"I love you, Baker!".........."I know, Mom, WIPE!"
"No, I really love you!"......"I know, Mom, got it. WIPE."
Maybe you do the same thing to God......and He's using Baker to show you how He feels when you so quickly wipe his sentiments away. Like you said, even when Baker was so young, he did it subconsciously. Maybe you don't realize you are doing it either.
"I love you, Laura!"..........."I know Lord, WIPE!"
"I'm always here!".........."I know, thanks, WIPE!"
"I would do anything for you."..........."I know you would, WIPE."
Maybe instead of always being so quick to say 'I know,' really listen, let it sink in, really feel God's words and the depths of his love for you. You are, after all, His child. (Followed by....) Our God is so awesome!
Our God is pretty awesome, but I love that I have such AWESOME friends to point out God's awesomeness when I am sometimes too flawed to see it myself. She was exactly right, but the truth is, I never would have grasped this conversation had God not blessed me with my beautiful, "loving" three year old to show me firsthand! I now know what it is like to be on the other side of that love.....that is so often taken for granted just because we "know" it's there.

So even if a few kisses fall to the ground......usually because I am tired, grumpy, selfish, pouting, embarrassed, or just acting like a toddler.....I'm so thankful God keeps giving me more! So you can keep wiping them away, Baker, I have plenty to give.....and I'll never stop!

(Thanks Tracey)


  1. i love you!! (YOU KNOW!!!!!!) our God ROCKS!!


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