Choruses and Bridges

It is not a strange fact to anyone that I enjoy all shapes and forms that can encompass. For years now I have considered myself a "struggling" guitar player. I've taught myself the basics...enough to get by on, enough to strum a melody....and I still hold on to a hope of learning to one day play well. What I've discovered about myself over the years is that I love to write songs, pouring into them life, experiences, and feelings. I was taking my child to school today when I started singing/brainstorming a song that I have played around with time and again. I love the innocence that only a child can display as he said, "Sing it again, Mommy." Only a sweet, endearing two year old can find joy in his mommy's not-so-eloquent singing voice. As I began to sing, as well as search my brain for other songs I have once written, I realized that I have written many songs that include only a chorus and a bridge. Looking at the pages and pages of scribbled words that fill my guitar box, I began to wonder why that was. "Life is filled with joyful moments as well as sad ones. It is the sad moments, however, where I usually draw my inspiration, so I take the good with the bad." I said these words the other day to a friend, but it didn't occur to me until this morning how much I truly apply them to my life. When I am discouraged, worried, anxious, I write. Words pour out me quite easily......thus, the chorus. And the passion that emerges from the new strength, understanding, and ability to overcome sets up a nice bridge. I guess it shows my inexperience in the song writing childish impatience of wanting to know how the story ends. In doing so, I leave out the most important part...the details! Maybe one day I will try to finish these songs or maybe I will just leave them for what they are, knowing the moments that led me to write those words are long past. However, it has allowed me to see that sometimes in life I need to slow down, take in the richness of the verses....for that bridge may lead to a whole new ending!


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