A Perfect Lullaby

I love this time of year...the shopping, decorations, presents, songs, parties, stories, and most importantly, the purpose. I love reading the story of the birth of Jesus, trying to close my eyes and fathom a time when the world looked completely different than it does today. And while my eyes focus on the beautiful baby and God's perfect plan, my thoughts are drawn to the woman behind the scenes...Mary.

The heart of a mother is vast and deep and can only be truly understood by those who have walked in the same shoes. As a mother of two I have found that as mothers we flock to each other. You can have an hour long conversation with a complete stranger about your children. We find comfort, relation, support simply in sharing our own experiences. There is one mother, however, who I long to know. Mary! A simple child, chosen by God to raise, not just a child, but the King of Kings. My thoughts cling to her often. Were there times she not only doubted God, but doubted herself? Did she find fear in providing for him? Did she feel guilt in disciplining? Did she lose her temper at times? Did she worry about letting God down? Did her heart feel a sense of selfishness...not wanting to let him go fulfill his purpose? So many thoughts, and yet, I think we all struggle with the same questions. The beauty of motherhood is that it is not defined by eras, decades, or trends...it is a common, ageless bond. I love this song because I felt a mother's plea, a mother's wish...the very heart of Mary herself. A perfect lullaby!

"Lord, I ask that He for just this moment simply be my child."


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